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Engineer’s Week – Building Towers

March 6th, 2020

Children engaged in a number of activities for Engineer’s week. Here the children in the junior room were challenged to design and make the tallest free standing structure using different materials. A special mention to Bobby for finding a very clever way to make the plastic and paper cup structure more stable by using paper cups inside the plastic cups! 0C4EC953-1D61-451F-8215-EF69FA9AFB5E 1E3907D5-B554-4161-9816-B32BB10AE641 8E3665ED-ACC2-49CC-B3C0-B8FE5FA9F06A 28DCDC9F-363A-441A-85C8-270D777E231D E3634233-B586-4C05-8B53-07B5E05F7E32 F08BA646-8DD5-4284-BD58-901E60F66D29 F03372D2-2C3F-4756-A340-7EEF92B7D9A3 FFA29004-766F-4C1D-8911-D271692C8B74

Galway Aquarium

March 2nd, 2020

Children in the Senior Room travelled to Galway Atlantaquaria for a day of science experiments which included water and air pressure explorations, making a rocket, chemical reactions between acids and bases and finished with guided tour of the Aquarium. Thanks, Anna, for being a great guide! AA7113C0-2486-4E1D-8BA8-C197909E8008
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Gravity explorations

January 20th, 2020

Children in the Senior Room have been learning about Isaac Newton and the effect of gravity on objects and our body. They had different tasks to try and complete, some were harder than others! C4B335A3-6B25-4B71-A383-E6E85D85CF49 068A6BF0-2C30-4013-B912-E12456E6EBD3 40780394-9238-4A74-89DC-299BC5367DE7 5309222A-B719-4CEC-85C6-C63E7DDA38E6

Winter Walk

January 16th, 2020

Children in 1st and 2nd class explored the school grouns documenting the weather, plants, animals and insects they found. They will do this again in Spring and Summer and compare results! 293A14CB-8739-45C0-9F1C-A415C04F1373 1060AF91-A1F1-4E30-B28C-F1C846713863 A973F349-6CFF-463D-BB0F-E3F3292623D8 1E02FF6B-5B12-42D3-8ACE-F7EB3CD6EBF2 8AA39BAA-DBE2-485F-8FFC-81D8564A27DE 32AC1178-22FD-4CF3-880F-0E346BBD47D3

Chocolate Apples

October 25th, 2019

The children in the Junior room are learning about procedural writing. The children made chocolate apples and wrote a step by step guide. Then they ate their tasty treats! Yum!

IMG_4833IMG_4842 IMG_4843

Mixing Colours

October 24th, 2019

Children in the Junior Room were learning all about colours, and investigating what happens when two primary colours are mixed together. They used this information to paint their Halloween pumpkin masks! IMG_4817 IMG_4818 IMG_4821

Áitbheo Program

September 9th, 2019

Children from 2nd to 6th class began their 8 week Áitbheo program with Kate Lavender today.

The Áitbheo programme aims to increase awareness and foster appreciation of the wealth of natural and cultural heritage in one’s place, with the school serving as a starting-point for investigating the local area. It offers a hands-on and fun learning experience, as well as encouraging independent research and debate, and developing key aspects of the literacy, numeracy, science, history and geography curricula. On completion, the students graduate as certified Young Place Heroes, with a bank of knowledge and enthusiasm that they will carry with them for years to come.


June 27th, 2019

Today the children in the senior room went on a long hike around the Burren.

Nothing like bringing the outdoor classroom alive!

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Seashore Safari

June 17th, 2019

Today we participated in a Seashore Safari led by Carmel Madigan.

We explored the rock pools, picked up the litter and much more!

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Gymnastics Continues

June 13th, 2019

We are continuing our gymnastics lessons until the end of term!

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