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Engineer’s Week – Building Towers

March 6th, 2020

Children engaged in a number of activities for Engineer’s week. Here the children in the junior room were challenged to design and make the tallest free standing structure using different materials. A special mention to Bobby for finding a very clever way to make the plastic and paper cup structure more stable by using paper cups inside the plastic cups! 0C4EC953-1D61-451F-8215-EF69FA9AFB5E 1E3907D5-B554-4161-9816-B32BB10AE641 8E3665ED-ACC2-49CC-B3C0-B8FE5FA9F06A 28DCDC9F-363A-441A-85C8-270D777E231D E3634233-B586-4C05-8B53-07B5E05F7E32 F08BA646-8DD5-4284-BD58-901E60F66D29 F03372D2-2C3F-4756-A340-7EEF92B7D9A3 FFA29004-766F-4C1D-8911-D271692C8B74